quinta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2009

my house

i have my own house

i like it because it has no roof and no doors. so i fall asleep counting stars and shit like that

you wonder: "his house is only a bedroom. How does he live?"

Easy, i eat in my bed and i shit outdoors, jealous prick.

throught my window i look, and see and stuff like that

this is me, a few years ago, pretending i'm sleeping to the photograph:

my room after a party with my friends. They never help me clean the room afterparty but its ok:

there is where i found my house. You almost miss her because she confuses with the wood. But i saw her and was first-sight love:

one day i realized my house was really cold. So i decided to install central heating. pretty cool upgrade uh?

privacy mode:

As a surprise for my birthday my friends have put my house in big tree full of many little bright colored lights and colored balls. So then we went party inside:

My friends big motherfucker crazy people =)

my friends always say i needed a roof. So one day i woke up and started looking for one.

i got this one:

Now my house has a roof. But i feel no difference at all

i'm happy with my house and i feel everyone else jealous 'bout my house.


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yes... god Thinker calls your testimonial motherfucker.